ABB | Market trends and developments

2023-06-16T11:32:12+02:0016 June 2023|

Varde Hartmark is currently carrying out a market and value chain analysis on behalf of EFO and EUEW. The goal of the analysis is to gain insight and information on key overall trends and developments in the value chain and market of electrotechnical goods, equipment, and materials for 16 EU countries.

SLV: Light on sustainability

2023-05-31T21:46:27+02:0031 May 2023|

The manufacturer of indoor and outdoor lighting products SLV understands sustainability as the balanced interaction of the three areas of economy, environment and society.

NKT | Connecting a greener world

2023-06-02T10:06:53+02:0031 May 2023|

In 2022, NKT continued to conduct their business with a strong focus on sustainability while building the global power grid essential to the green transition.

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