The world is calling for urgent action to curb climate change, the biggest challenge of our time. Another problem besides climate change is that our resources are finite, so we must think about what the path to a sustainable future could look like. We need more sustainable development and actions for the sake of people and the planet. The time to act is now, with governments globally allocating major investments.

Smarter energy systems, buildings and industries are the answer.

Resilient, adaptive and efficient infrastructure, enabled by digitalization, is key to decarbonize. With smart grids and smart buildings, we can support a sustainable energy transition and create more sustainable communities.

With buildings and electrification increasingly growing together, both energy demand and supply can be managed within our solution that intelligently links data from various sources, enabling:

  • Buildings to operate smarter and with greater energy efficiency

  • Transportation to lower CO2 emissions

  • Grids to become smarter and more resilient – as renewables are added and power generation becomes decentralized – on the distribution side

Smart Infrastructure combines the real and digital worlds across energy systems, buildings and industries.

With our smart products and solutions, backed by our Digital Twin approach, we support customers to boost the efficiency and sustainability of infrastructure, whether it’s buildings, grids or entire cities. We extract value from infinite data to save precious finite resources.

We enhance the way people live and work by creating sustainable, healthier and human-centric environments.

To drive innovation in sustainability and to enable our customers to future proof their assets and processes, we constantly expand our partnerships and ecosystems (e.g., Birmingham University; Carlsberg; WUNsiedler Weg; Fingrid)

We drive innovation and focus on sustainability to enhance the way people live and work and to save our planet. Smart infrastructure is sustainable infrastructure.