The world is facing urgent challenges that must be overcome quickly and sustainably. How will we get there? By systematically digitalizing and automating, and then by putting the resulting data to the fullest possible use. That’s the only way companies and municipalities will have the power to act, and not merely react, amid rapidly changing conditions. And it’s exactly what Siemens makes possible.

To fulfill laws and stakeholders’ wishes, products and production, as well as cities and infrastructure need to become more sustainable and consume far fewer resources. Information technology is everywhere now, and if used wisely it can bring crucial competitive advantages.

Electrification, Automation and digitalization for the challenges of the future

Meeting all these challenges requires electrification, automation, and digitalization and strong partners, that can support the complete supply chain along the customer journey.

Combining the real and digital worlds

For all of this to happen, you need to combine the real and digital worlds as well as the strengths of hardware and software. The Siemens portfolio covers it all. Our digital twin – whether of a production hall or a building – brings together all the data, whether from the product, production, or the entire value chain. This means every parameter can be optimally coordinated and aligned with procedures used by suppliers and logistics partners, the power supply, or the factory building itself. Best of all, these solutions work equally well in both greenfield and brownfield applications.

Making in-depth use of data

Siemens also provides the right technologies for high-performance data analysis and data throughput. They connect that which was formerly separate or not optimally coordinated. Examples include artificial intelligence and cloud computing that provide high-powered data analysis. Or high-performance networks for industrial communication that transfer data at unheard-of speed and reliability – for instance using Industrial 5G – and thereby enable responses to changes in near-real time. Of course, it all comes with the necessary cybersecurity and with an intelligent power supply, a resilient infrastructure, secure buildings, and flexible work environments tailored to the needs of employees.

Everyone involved can benefit – but only as an ecosystem

The more that’s linked together, the more efficiently lifecycles can be designed with less and less resource consumption. So the benefits of this data integration increase with the number of participants. That’s why we think it’s so important to make our technologies, cloud-based ecosystems and platforms as accessible and usable as possible within an open IT. We also offer Software as a Service, which allows even small and medium-sized companies to access software they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

Together, with higher levels of digitalization, everyone involved stands to gain equally. But what’s right for one company or city might not be right for another. Siemens’ portfolio serves the specific challenges inherent to every situation. With our holistic offering, we’re a one-stop shop for everything you need to implement a successful digital transformation.

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