The word sustainability may be on everyone’s lips these days, but that is not to say that it is just a fad. OBO has been acting sustainable since it was founded over 110 years ago. OBO is especially keen on ecological and economic sustainability as well as social values. This includes eco-friendly production processes and long-term economic practices as well as commitment to local sites.

Ecological sustainability at OBO

OBO only uses high-quality raw materials for its products. One of these is the universal plastic PVC, which is used in the making of products such as cable ducts. An innovative recycling process allows this material to be used even more efficiently. The remnants of punching are fed back into the extrusion process as what is known as regenerate. A complex recycling procedure ensures that the material remains at the same quality level. Each year, 923 metric tons of PVC regenerates is produced. This recycling process also saves a lot of energy: 415 tons of oil, 314 tons of gas and 111 tons of coal. That’s equivalent to a 1,108 metric ton reduction in CO2 emissions.

Increasing electricity from renewable sources

One important resource used in the production of OBO’s 30,000 products is energy. Around 20 million kilowatt-hours of electricity alone are used at the Menden site each year. That is of course a figure which brings with it a particular responsibility, which is why OBO has switched decisively to 100% renewable natural electricity. The flawless origin of the green electricity is assessed and certified by TÜV Süd according to strict guidelines. This move represents another step by OBO on the way to even more sustainability.

Economic sustainability through innovation leadership and brand quality

Innovation spirit is an elementary component part of OBO’s company culture and also of its brand name: OBO is a short version of “Ohne Bohren”, what means without drilling, following one of the company’s best-known innovations. The OBO-Dübel anchor was the first metal anchor that could be fastened directly into walls and ceiling without drilling. This not only made work much easier back in 1952 but was also a true innovation for those times. Countless further innovations, like the revolutionary Magic cable tray system, followed. Innovation is the key to successful business, which is why OBO intends to remain a source of fresh ideas and pioneering products.

Beside of innovative spirit OBO also stands for a high brand quality. When it comes to quality, standardized processes are especially important. The continuous monitoring, improvement and maintenance of all procedures safeguards the high standards. The environmental and quality management systems are certified in compliance with the latest directives, as are OBO’s industrial safety procedures.

Employee advancement and support of aid projects all over the world

Social sustainability at OBO has two aspects:  OBO employees profit from a comprehensive health promotion service that ranges from free medical check-ups to stress management advices. Because OBO knows that healthy and motivated employees are the basis for the company’s success.

OBO is also supporting social and cultural projects all over the world for many years: With the two Christoph Bettermann Schools in Uganda disabled children, who would otherwise not have an opportunity to be educated, profit from OBO’s social work. Partner in this project is the “Kindern eine Chance” association, which has helped many children in Africa since 2008, especially AIDS orphans. OBO made sure that all of the funds were used directly and in full for good purposes.