Dear members of the EUEW Community,

I am pleased to be addressing you in my new role as Secretary General of the EUEW. Since I’ve been working with many of you in different events and projects of the EUEW, I feel like I know most of you and therefore allow me to call you friends.

As you probably know, I accepted this role for a limited period of time, until a new Secretary General is selected. I would like to thank the President and the members of the Presidium for the confidence giving me this opportunity. I feel very confirmed that my long-term collaboration and experience with this industry will be a strong base on which to build further partnerships and projects for the EUEW and I see this opportunity as a personal challenge.

This short period of time, probably 6 months, is not a very long time to start and finish major projects, however, I do have some personal objectives for this initial period of collaboration with EUEW:

  • Offer the EUEW more stability until a new Secretary General is selected

  • Work towards continuously supporting EUEW to remain the strong voice of European Electrical Wholesalers

  • Start working on a new strategic plan for the EUEW for the following years

  • Start implementing the new organizational structure of the EUEW and provide all necessary support for a very successful first year mandate

Having shared my short-term vision of collaboration, I look forward to start working with the Presidium, the Board, the Advisory Council and with all of you on keeping EUEW strong in this challenging context.

Looking forward to welcoming you all in Barcelona, in my new role!

Eric Piers