EUEW is delighted to bring some updates in respect to the Annual Business Convention in 2021. Given the high interest of our business community in one of the few in-person networking events of the wholesalers’ industry, we are very excited to share with you the news that almost 80% of initial registrations from 2020 have reconfirmed participation and that we have already received more than 70 new registrations in 2021. Furthermore, the number of participants just passed the very impressive milestone of 200 participants, for which we are extremely grateful.

Our partners from 2020 have also decided to continue to support this daring EUEW networking event and we are delighted to announced that ABB, Ledvance, OBO Bettermann, Prysmian Group, Siemens, SIMON, SLV and UNEX have all reaffirmed their interest to continue as sponsors of the EUEW ABC in 2021. Moreover, we have some pending discussions, and we look forward to introducing new partners soon!

Regarding the organization of the event, the EUEW Bureau team is moving full speed ahead with responsibility, to make this courageous adventure, called EUEW 2021 ABC, a remarkable one, in spite of all challenges that might be waiting on the side. Since we received a lot of questions in this respect, we would like to clarify the fact that, as per the feedback received in 2020, EUEW is not planning to have an online version of the convention, all our actions are now concentrated on welcoming our guests to Barcelona, in November.

For now, the outlook is positive, as Spain seems to be going down on its fifth wave of COVID and the current information received from our local collaborators is a good one in respect to the organization of large events, such as the EUEW Convention. Moreover, we are constantly in contact with representatives of the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona, as well as other local collaborators who will inform us as soon as anything with significant impact for our event is to happen in their region.

Moreover, we want to reassure you that EUEW as well as our collaborators are going to do our best to apply and observe all protective measures which will be in place at the time of the convention and we have also planned for some extra measures, just in case these might be needed.

Furthermore, we would like to let you know that we have not taken the decision to organize this event lightly and this has been the result of a long-time analysis and consideration of the international situation as well as the local situation in Barcelona.

We know that many people are being haunted by virtual event fatigue, with interest going down and technology still to prove it can replace human interaction. Therefore, we are thrilled to see such high interest for the EUEW Annual Business Convention of this year, and we can only promise to do our best to make this event a memorable one, same as the previous ones some of you might remember.

Register for this year’s EUEW Annual Business Convention and book your room at the Hitlon Diagonal Mar Barcelona.

We look forward to welcoming you to Barcelona!

The EUEW Leadership and Bureau Team