Siemens is a company with an impressive history going as far back as 1847. What started as a workshop in a back courtyard in Berlin is now a very successful global corporation.

As a focused technology company, Siemens help customers meet the great challenges of our time. Siemens businesses and local organizations enjoy the entrepreneurial freedom to serve their customers and markets in the best way possible. The structure is geared toward creating value for customers, creating technology with purpose.

EUEW Business Convention partner in the long-run, Siemens opted for the Partner on all Supports sponsorship category this year. Same as always, Siemens supports not only to the general organization of the event but also brings valuable contributions to the topics EUEW proposes for discussion. Below they share some of the main reasons for the continue support offered to the EUEW Business Convention.

In 2018 EUEW came up with a new and improved concept for its Business Convention, which you have been supporting as one of the main partners ever since. This is the 4th time Siemens opted to support EUEW’s growing platform where key decision makers and top-level experts meet to discuss the hottest industry topics. Why is this partnership important for Siemens?

Partnership and collaboration are essential for companies that want to succeed in today’s complex business environment. They provide opportunities to leverage each other’s strengths, resources, and expertise to achieve common goals, such as developing innovative products and services or improving operational efficiency.

Partnering with EUEW allows Siemens Digital Industries to tap into the organization’s extensive network of electrical wholesalers and distributors, and to gain insights into the challenges the industry is facing. This can help Siemens Digital Industries and its partners to tailor their products and services to meet the specific needs of this market and to build stronger relationships with customers.

This year’s general convention theme is “Energize transition: a key role for the electrical wholesalers” focusing on translating the very important role of electrical wholesalers in the energy transition. How important is the impact of the accelerated energy transition process for the activity of Siemens? Which are the most relevant efforts in this sense that the company is proud to share?

The importance is of course extremely high – not only Siemens Digital Industries has set great goals in terms of sustainability, but also its customers. For them, the company wants to set the best example and at the same time support them in the energy transition through digital solutions. To achieve this, energy efficiency is seen as one of the biggest levers with Siemens Digital Industries’ customers.

To make it work, everyone has to pull together: technology providers like suppliers, and Siemens Digital Industries’ customers like distributors. The EUEW is the place where the company shares common visions and how to overcome challenges together. That’s why we’re more than happy to be a part of it.

The first 100 registrations for this year’s convention were received within just one week of opening registrations. EUEW was very pleasantly surprised by the interest the EUEW Business Convention is gaining in the industry as well as in its wider ecosystem. Which are the main takeaways for Siemens with the participation in the EUEW Convention?

Recent times have shown very clearly, that acting alone in the battle against the climate crisis, conflict and changing market demands is no longer an option. Only by expanding our expertise and experience through collaboration, the necessary developments, such as energy transition, can be achieved as fast as needed.

Formats like the EUEW Convention allow companies to connect to new players, new business models and new opportunities to best support our common customers – and therefore, ultimately, transform the everyday.