ABB is a technology leader in electrification and automation, enabling a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. Along with its predecessor companies, ABB has a history of innovation excellence stretching back more than 130 years. Innovation has been in the company DNA since they were founded. Ever since their setup, ABB pushed the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels.

ABB’s purpose is to enable a more sustainable and resource-efficient future with their technology leadership in electrification and automation. Headline partner of the EUEW Business Convention since 2018, EUEW has been a constant inspiration in terms of their sustainable approach to our partnership. Now, ABB is sharing some insight in respect to their take on our longstanding collaboration with EUEW and its value for the company.

In 2018 EUEW came up with a new and improved concept for its Business Convention, which you have been supporting as headline partner ever since. The EUEW Business convention 2023 is the 4th convention in a row where ABB has decided to stand by our European federation and its members, electrical wholesalers all over Europe. Why is this partnership important for ABB?

ABB’s channel partners are central to our success. Distributors offer ABB substantial market reach and unparalleled proximity to customers, together with innovation intelligence, and local market and customer knowledge. In Europe, more than 60 percent of our business is conducted in partnership with distributors, so it makes sense that our effort and focus is on supporting them.

ABB is proud to play an active role in the annual EUEW Business Convention as a positive demonstration of how we support our distribution channel partners. Distribution is a team sport, and our role is to provide everything our partners need to secure business growth and navigate their own digital transformations.

One of the things distributors need is access to industry-wide events like the EUEW Business Convention for shared expertise, education and experience, which is why supporting and contributing to it is an important part of our channel partner strategy.

This year’s general convention theme is “Energize transition: a key role for the electrical wholesalers” focusing on translating the very important role of electrical wholesalers in the energy transition. How does ABB support wholesalers in fulfilling their role in the energy transition?

The energy transition is shaping customer demand, and changing how we as manufacturers and distributors support them in their buying journey. For distributors to succeed, they must become experts not just on products, but on the energy transition challenge as a whole.

ABB has made significant improvements to its training and distributor support tools to facilitate this shift change. We have moved away from single product training, and towards Learning Paths so that distributors can achieve a broader level of specialist knowledge in specific topics or application areas that are relevant to customers in their markets.

The first 100 registrations for this year’s convention were received within just one week of opening registrations. EUEW was very pleasantly surprised by the interest the EUEW Business Convention is gaining in the industry as well as in its wider ecosystem. Which are the main takeaways for ABB with the participation in the EUEW Convention?

People, innovation, collaboration and mutual trust are at the heart of our business, and this extends to our distributors and industry unions like EUEW.

Supporting and partnering with unions that facilitate education, the sharing of best practice and the coming together of the value chain is an important part of our ethos. It is very important for us to know that we have contributed to the upskilling of EUEW distributors and the sharing of knowledge during the show.

This year’s theme of the wholesalers’ vital role in the energy transition echoes our dedication to enabling our partners to succeed in the current industry landscape.

Industry events like this one are an essential part of industry growth, especially during significant times of transition. ABB is proud to support the EUEW as our industry comes together to deliver a safe, smart and sustainable future.