Nicola has a degree in business (Italy and United Kingdom) and a post-degree in marketing. He started his career as Brand and Category Manager at Unilever, later at Cola-Cola HBC. He covered roles with increasing responsibilities within Marketing and Sales. He joined Prysmian Group in 2011 and he has been recently appointed as Marketing Director for the North Europe Region. At Europacable, he has been contributing to various working groups since 2018. Nicola describes himself as a family man with three kids together with his wife, Roby, based in Delft, The Netherlands. Music adds a lot of flavor to his life, and the piano is his best friend. Sharing knowledge is another important task for Nicola in his life: he is the author of two marketing/sales books “Pricing INside OUT” (2020) and “The Shamrock Model: Marketing – Design – R&D convergence” (2011).

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  • Friday, 19 November 2021

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