NET ZERO – IMPACT & SCOPE FOR THE ELECTRICAL WHOLESALE INDUSTRY: the revolution continues and so does the momentum at EUEW. After the success of Bonn and Brussels, we are continuing the dialogue in Barcelona on global, social, geo-political, economic and environmental issues at our 2021 Annual Business Convention on 6–7 May.

The European Union of Electrical Wholesalers – EUEW – is more determined and equipped than ever before to play a leading role in the decision making at industry and regulatory level. We want to serve as the trusted and united voice of the industry, striving to achieve together peoples’ well-being through electricity. As part of our 3-Year Strategic roadmap, EUEW aims to be recognized as the business and industry intelligence provider; as the watchdog for regulations, to make them favorable for the electrical wholesalers’ industry; and as the reference community in its industry.

So, we have lined up the greatest thought leaders on stage – yet again – to help us deliver this ambition. We are joined and supported by the leading manufacturing companies like ABB, Ledvance, OBO Bettermann, Prysmian Group, Siemens, SLV GmbH and many more to help advocate the opportunities of distribution and the impact we can make on Industry 4.0 success.

Focused on achieving Net Zero through our combined efforts, we will facilitate an open conversation on Fragility to sustainability: the role of the circular economy; EU politics and legislation: what’s at stake for wholesalers; the supply chains of the future; dynamic, digital, data-fueled: responding to distribution disruption, and much more.

Meet the leaders of our 17-European nation associations that make up the EUEW, along with speakers from Bellona Foundation, UNEP International Resources Panel, Euro Commerce, Supply Chain Insights, Real Results Marketing, Inc. – and the decision makers of European Electrical industry on one platform.

The future belongs to those, who prepare for it today.