Distribution Disruption is not coming, it’s happening right now but it offers great opportunities for our sector. Blockchain, data analytics, automation, workforce technology, 3D printing and much more is here to stay. We are operating in one of the most exciting times in the history of mankind. And we are privileged to be serving an industry that’s at the core of ongoing revolution.

Over the past few months, we have been surrounded and advised by several global thought leaders of how technology is changing our society. For those who are afraid of this change and not moving fast enough, should simply step aside and make more room for the new generation to take over innovation and leadership. As a senior leader of one of the largest distribution names in the world – and as President of the European Union of Electrical Wholesalers – we are convinced that wholesalers with a truly digital mindset and culture will play a leading role in the supply chain of the future and in the heart of the eco-system (supplier, distributor, installer, and end customer).

Our proximity to the end-users, our heritage to deliver added value to suppliers and installers our understanding of the challenges and opportunities at grass-root level will place us at the core of decision-making in the manufacturing industry and innovations originating from it. We are also great believers of the sharing economy and the great potential to co-create and co-exist for a better future. Our innovations will come from cross- industry innovations from our suppliers and idea exchanges – and an intelligent cocktail of technology will play a great part in this phenomenon.

On behalf of the EUEW Presidium, I invite you to another spectacular debate on our new world of electrical distribution at the 2021 Annual Business Convention in Barcelona. We are joined by some of the biggest players of our industry and drivers of a more responsible and environmentally-conscious society, who will take the stage to help design our own strategy within our eco-system for a Net-Zero world by 2050.